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Solar Energy System Upgrades: Add more panels to your existing system!

Do you have a small 1.5kW system and want more solar power?

Latest High Efficiency Solar Panels

Add more Solar panels to an existing system

Many households are left with an outdated, undersized solar system that does not meet their needs anymore. Today, the solar market has changed significantly, and small 1.5 kW systems are a thing of the past.

Many Australians signed up to generous feed-in tariffs some years ago (when solar panels were still expensive) and installed only small solar PV system in their homes. In many cases, these systems are too small to meet either the needs of the growing family – or the contract for the generous tariffs is soon to expire.

Most new systems being installed in Australia for residential homes are from 3kW to 6.5kW. This is due to the decreasing cost of photo-voltaic panels and the decrease in feed-in tariffs across most states.

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Solar Energy Storage

Add Batteries to an existing Solar PV system

Adding batteries to increase your self consumption and reliance on the Solar Power that you generate is the future of solar energy.

LG-Chem, TESLA Power-wall are some of the first battery manufactures to offer a price competitive compact lithium-ion  storage systems that can fit in suburban a garage. SENEC is the latest German offering with superior charge discharge cycles and longevity like no other. SENEC is adaptable to all existing Solar energy systems and comes at a great price.

The technology to store your own solar power is here today, just don’t tell the energy companies about it!

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