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Off-Grid Solar Energy

No more power bills! We have Off-Grid solutions for remote locations, metro homes and buildings.

Off Grid solar energy projects are a reliable alternative to the traditional grid connect solar power. Off-grid solar systems typically utilize both a solar or wind power generator coupled with a battery storage system and if required a back up generator.

Off Grid solar energy  is a reliable alternative to the traditional grid connect solar power. The systems have become so reliable that many energy providers including Western Power are now preferring off-grid systems over traditional centralized power generation in rural areas. Off-grid power systems provide power to remote locations without the need for poles and wires and have many advantages being a de-centralized energy source. Poles and wires can be a bush fire hazard as many Australians know and because solar energy can be collected direct on site and stored in batteries this removes the hazard. Also another major advantage is that the Off-grid systems can in fact be more reliable having several layers of redundancy. You have backup power from both the the batteries and the diesel generator(if required).

Solar Energy coupled with off-grid power systems is the best solution for many Australian locations. We custom design systems to match your energy use and load profile. Reliability is key and Australis Solar has the experience to make your off-grid project a hassle free and enjoyable experience.

Off-Grid Case Study

Mundijong – New Family Home

The customer was building a new home and the cost of connection to the electricity grid was excessive. They wanted a system that would be hassle-free, comfortably meet their current and future needs and using the latest technology.

The eco designed, foam insulated panel home complete with indoor trout and barramundi pool was the ideal place for the system to be installed, having a northerly roof aspect. A custom insulated panel battery box was designed and built to tie into the existing building structure. A large lockable storeroom provided also an ideal location for the inverter and control gear.

The family have enjoyed over 2 years of uninterrupted power supply having only run the back up diesel gen-set for 2 hours over that time.

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