Solar Energy System Faults and Repairs 2024-05-27T13:35:01+08:00

System Faults and Repairs

Australis Solar can help you with any problem with your solar power system!

We pride in our innovative and expertise understanding of system faults and repairs. Even if we did not do the install, we are more than happy to help out our local Perth region.

Got solar issues? Fault messages? Not producing what you expected? It is frustrating, but Australis Solar is always here to help.

In many cases, we can rectify solar issues free of charge over the phone or organise a free call out by one of our technicians, as long as it is covered by our workmanship warranty period.  If the issue is outside the warranty period, then our standard rates apply.

  • Inverter problems
  • Solar Panel faults
  • Output deficiencies due to shading

  • Monitoring and metering faults.

Other Australis Solar Maintenance Services

Relax. After-care & support is what we’re good at, so we’ll take care of you for years to come!

Solar Panels Cleaning
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