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Battery Storage for Solar Energy

The latest advancements in battery storage technology now available for your home!

SENEC Intergrated Battery System

Increase your power self-sufficiency to 80% or more with the intelligent charging, German technology. The SENEC Home Li system is available in 4 different capacities.

Enphase AC Battery

Enphase AC battery solution for home energy storage can very simply be installed to your micro inverter solar PV system.

LG - Chem Lithium Ion Battery

LG-Chem Battery

The LG-Chem Battery is a super compact, light weight energy storage battery that is perfectly suited to the residential market.

BYD Lithium Ion Battery Pack

LiFePO4 chemistry battery is recognized as one of the safest battery technologies. It is designed for residential and commercial applications.

Sonnenschein Gel VRLA Battery

Sonnenschein Gel VRLA Battery

Sonnenschein A600 Solar is a premium range of gel type lead acid batteries. Specially developed for heavy cycling applications are required.

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Battery Storage Package

Checkout our great deal on a solar energy battery package for your home!

SENEC integrated Battery System , German technology.
AC coupled so they can fit with any existing solar panel.
Internet-connected, lets you track and control your energy usage via the SENEC smartphone app.

Full Installation & Remote Monitoring Package


$8,900(inc. GST)

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