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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning, Repair and Maintenance

Dust and debris can cause up to 25% of loss on efficiency!

That’s why we offer and recommend solar maintenance in line with the Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZS 5033) and Clean Energy Council standards.

Only a well-maintained system can guarantee the highest level of efficiency. Cleaning solar panels can increase power production, which otherwise could be influenced by shading – caused by dust and debris.

Solar panel cleaning

Early detection is key to maintaining peak system performance and  longevity of your photo-voltaic (pv) system. Booking an annual solar inspection gives you peace of mind and the security that your solar system is operating safely, and producing the best output to maximize your return on investment.

Included in the Package:

  • Professional cleaning of solar panels to improve performance.
  • Inspection of system wiring, switch-gear and junction boxes. (AS/NZS 5033)

  • Inspection of all solar components – checking integrity of panels, inverters and framing. (AS/NZS 5033)
  • Checking system performance and output using latest equipment.
  • A full report at the end of your service.

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