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1306, 2024

Best Solar Panels of 2024: Aussie installer choice

Best Solar Panels of 2024: A Guide for Perth Homeowners Introduction With the growing demand for renewable energy, choosing the best solar panels for your home is crucial for maximising efficiency and savings. The 2024 [...]

605, 2024

Best EV chargers 2024

The Best EV chargers 2024 - A very brief guide Trying to decide which EV charger is right for you? Confused at different specifications and jargon? Go to our EV charger page Best EV chargers [...]

2904, 2024

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance - The essentials If the system was designed and installed by Australis Solar, we can guarantee that it will be working beautifully and producing solar energy. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, after [...]

304, 2024

Solar generation beats inflation

Solar generation beats inflation! Australians are facing a significant challenge with soaring electricity costs, which are not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels until possibly as late as 2030. A report released by the CSIRO [...]

1803, 2024

Renewable energy reaches 40% of Australia’s energy supply!

In the sun-drenched landscapes of Perth, Australis Solar strives for sustainability and innovation, focusing on the transition towards renewable energy with its cutting-edge solar power solutions. As a premier solar company based in Western Australia, [...]