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Solar Design Process: Power System Analysis & Modelling

Consultation & Site Survey Booking

With the initial consultation, we discuss the energy requirements for the proposed project site and get a general feel for what the customer would like to achieve with solar energy.

We generally organise a site visit to inspect existing switchboards and carry out a roof condition report, detailing the roofs suitability for solar panels. We may also request some examples of power bills or any electrical drawings for the site that can help confirm a suitable solar design.

Site Survey and Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility studies consider all factors that influence your electricity consumption. By analysing consumption patterns we can estimate the amount of solar power required and ascertain which time of the day the system can expect peak loads. Interval data can also provide added detail to energy consumption patterns.

The roof type, roof condition and roof orientation will all be factored into the final design as well as considerations for the grid connection electrical compliance.

Solar Proposal including 2D or 3D Design

Based on this data we are able to design a solar energy system, which is able to provide your business with the required electricity.

In our study we also consider factors that can influence the harvest of your solar system, such as shading caused by the building structures or by its surrounding environment, such as  trees and neighbor buildings.

This is the foundation for our solar design, which can be drawn in 2D or 3D to accurately calculate the energy output and have a clear overview of the project.  The more efficient your solar system design is, the more profitable your investment will be.

SMA commercial installation image with solar installers

Solar Installation and Commissioning

The agreed solar energy system is installed and commissioned in accordance with the Clean Energy Council, local electrical and energy safety requirements.

Australis Solar prides its self with a quality trade finish with our in-house electricians and CEC accredited solar panel installers.

Once commissioned we assist in training local staff members along with a hand over pack detailing service and maintenance requirements. We also set up remote monitoring to ensure the system performs as expected.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance of the System

Once remote monitoring is set up we configure the email alerts to notify both our service technicians and the customers local staff in the event of a fault or deviation in the energy output of the system.

The aim is to maintain peak performance of the system while avoiding costly downtime to guarantee a high energy yield and secure solar energy investment.

If you want your business to enjoy the many benefits of renewable energy systems, please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free assessment and quote.

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