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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Australis Solar can supply and install Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers as a stand-alone installation or have the charger integrated into a solar power installation. We offer a wide range of charging solutions using the latest release models.

EV chargers come with an array of different features depending on what you are looking for. Smart chargers can interface with your solar inverter to ensure you are charging your car using 100% renewable energy.

Some of these chargers can even monitor your other house loads to see exactly how your power is being used, and automatically adjust themselves to provide optimal charging while reducing grid stress.

We offer AC chargers that are configurable to both single-phase and three-phase charging, and up to 22kW of output with dynamic load balancing capabilities.

AC chargers feed AC power into your car, which is converted to DC power and fed to the battery by the on-board inverter in the vehicle. DC chargers bypass the on-board inverter and feed DC power directly into the battery, which allows for much faster charging.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an EV charger, such as your electrical supply size, house load, and charging capacity of the vehicle.

Simply get in touch with us and our team can help you in selecting the optimal charger to suit your needs.

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