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New Build? Get Solar Power for your New Home & Buildings in Western Australia

Building a new home in Perth? Need clean energy solutions? We’re here to help! The sooner your get in contact the more you can save! With our specialist team, expert knowledge and friendly approach, we can assist you towards a renewable energy system.

Installing Solar power for new homes means that you can start your new build with the right tools and start saving money straight away.

Let Australis Solar take your headaches away and design a bespoke photovoltaic (PV) system with the latest solar panels and solar inverters tailored just for you. We can take your plans and construct 3D models showing exactly how much irradiance (sun exposure) your roof will get. Walking you through our processes and valuing your inputs.

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Building a new home can indeed be an overwhelming task, with numerous considerations all important, and all trying for your attention. Amidst the hustle and bustle of decision-making, the importance of integrating solar energy solutions is often overshadowed.

At Australis Solar, we specialise in providing cutting-edge solar solutions for new builds; whether that is your new home or a commercial property. Our expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate solar technology into the design process, even before construction begins. By contacting us early in your designing and build phases, we ensure that conduits are correctly laid so that minimal disruption is caused.

Our solar photovoltaic systems can then seamlessly be incorporated into the architectural plans, maximising energy efficiency and sustainability from the outset. Most importantly, this allows you to start saving the moment you walk through the door

  • We take drawings from architect plans and create bespoke accurate 3D models based off the information.

  • Our models display the irradiance levels and clearly show the best design layout which will produce the most renewable energy for your new build

  • The sooner we receive the plans, the sooner we can advise builders where conduit runs need to go for the minimal amount of disturbance

We are one of the top solar companies in Perth, delivering bespoke designs, clean installations using state-of-the-art panels, solar inverters and battery storage solutions. Operating since 2008, we are here to stay with your solar journey. Choosing Australis Solar means you have a reputable, knowledgeable and friendly company who really shows their passion for renewable energy.

Whether you’re constructing a new home or commercial development, our team of experts works closely with architects and developers to create customized solar solutions tailored to your specific needs. By embracing solar energy at the design stage, clients can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and long-term energy costs while enjoying the benefits of clean, renewable power.

Partner with Australis Solar to transform your vision of cheaper, green energy and sustainable living into a reality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your project with our advanced solar solutions.

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