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Commercial Solar Systems for Perth & WA Businesses

Protect your business against rising energy costs, reduce your expenses & get up to 25% ROI p.a.

Commercial Solar Energy Projects

Commercial solar energy systems are an excellent way to reduce operational business costs. Solar energy now competes with conventional energy sources in Australia due to the decreasing cost of photo-voltaic solar panels and rising energy costs. This makes solar energy an extremely attractive option for Australian businesses, while also offering a high return on investment.

Australis Solar is one of the leading providers of commercial solar systems in Western Australia.  We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed investment decision to reduce your business running costs.

Taking into consideration your electricity usage profile, we will design your system to provide your business with the maximum benefits and savings. Our proposal will provide a clear overview of payback periods and return on investments. We know time is of the essence for any business. We therefore have solutions that can be implemented swiftly and with a minimum amount of paperwork.

Quality Installation, Technical know-how and Solar Energy Experience

We have successfully completed and installed many projects in accordance with state and federal regulations including the Clean Energy Council, Western Power, Horizon Power and Energy Safety. We also have a perfect record with compliance with OH&S and operate with a proactive safety work ethic.

Engineering and Solar Design expertise

Australis Solar supplies technical solutions and Engineering support for all business and commercial solar projects. We can provide you with detailed engineered system design and maintenance schedules to insure your investment is effective for the life of the system.

Service, Monitoring, Maintenance and other Capabilities

Our service and maintenance staff can remotely monitor your system to pick up potential problems before they arise. We also have adaptive metering solutions for property owners to supply solar energy to their tenants.

Australis Solar is now an SMA Australia PowerUP Dealer. Our customers will benefit further when purchasing industry leading SMA power systems. Our SMA offering is now including 10-year inverter warranties and free system monitoring with SMA Smart Connect feature. We offer a broad range of residential, commercial and off-grid SMA systems.

Australis Solar is also qualified to carry out all electrical works including installation of energy efficient products and LED lighting for commercial applications and can advise on energy use mitigation and solutions for commercial buildings. Switch board upgrades can also be carried out in conjunction with solar installations.

Our electrical capacities include Commercial Solar PV system installation, complete testing and commissioning of complete solar power systems both grid connect and off-grid and energy storage systems. Remote area power generation with containerized battery and diesel generator back up systems for quick deployment solutions.

Give us a call on 08 6555 2999 to discuss your project requirements.

Commercial Solar:

Key Benefits for your Business:

  • Reduces operational costs & carbon footprint
  • Excellent Returns on Investment (in many cases over 25% p.a.)
  • Protection against rising energy costs
  • Increased business sustainability
  • Zero capital outlay options
  • Fully Tax deductible

Commercial Solar:

If you want your business to enjoy the many benefits of renewable energy systems, please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free assessment and quote.

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