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Commercial Solar Case Studies

Reduced operating costs, brilliant return on investment ! Discover even more reasons why so many Perth businesses are turning to solar.

Take a look at some of our Commercial solar projects listed below.

Australis Solar has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. Our customers come from a variety of sectors such as hospitality, government, manufacturing, leisure and sports clubs and more.

East Fremantle Yacht Club

System size: 40 kW

H.I. Fraser

System size: 33 kW

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Royal Fremantle Golf Club

System size: 30 kW

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H-E International

System size: 202 kW

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We take pride in offering complete transparency, giving you total assurance and confidence in your new investment.

Before designing a system, we learn about your individual needs, such as peak loads, consumption patterns and energy requirements. We then provide a feasibility study based on your location and roof design and list various products and options best suited to your needs. We provide our customers with all the necessary facts and figures about solar components giving detailed overviews on available technologies, performances and warranties.

Solar Energy has many advantages for business – it reduces company operating costs and can provide a better return on investment than most other investments available. In fact, even better returns than super are possible! That’s one of the reasons why commercial Solar Energy is the fastest growing solar energy sector in Australia.

If you want your business to enjoy the many benefits of renewable energy systems, please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free assessment and quote.

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