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Solar Inverters

Brilliantly efficient Solar Energy Inverters that don’t compromise on quality


Fronius SnapINverters

The Austrian-engineered and manufactured Fronius SnapINverters are extremely reliable and have consistently ranked among the highest quality and best performing inverters in the Australian market. When it comes to installation and servicing, the inverters are innovative, straightforward, and safe. The inverters offer extremely flexible usage while also having all the integrated functions for distributing the self-generated energy in the household in the best possible way and achieving maximum rates of self-consumption.

The Fronius SnapINverters include the single-phase Primo and three-phase Symo range of products, which are suited to anything from small residential properties to medium-sized commercial facilities. SnapINverters are compatible with Smart Metering to provide detailed energy monitoring via Fronius Solar.web


Fronius GEN24 and GEN24 Plus Hybrid

With the upgradeable Fronius GEN24 inverter as the core of a private PV system, households can produce their own energy flexibly, sustainably and cost-effectively. By taking advantage of the optional Plus Hybrid upgrade, the GEN24 inverter combines with BYD’s market leading HVM and HVS modular batteries – and therefore a fully self-sufficient energy supply for electricity, heating, cooling and e-mobility.

The Fronius GEN24 has an integrated basic backup power GPO with “PV Point”, and the Fronius GEN24 Plus can provide a comprehensive Full Backup emergency power supply on request, when integrated with a battery storage system.

General Electric Solar Inverter

With beautiful aesthetics and user-friendly design, the GEP 3-5kW inverter is capable of 150% DC oversizing, 110% AC overloading, and 98.3% max efficiency, which gives it a unique competitive edge. With 13A of input current per string, it is compatible with many different types of solar panels.

GE solar inverters are available in single and three-phase models, with up to 3 separate MPPT ports for flexible multi-string arrangements on roofs that are not compatible with standard two-MPPT inverters. This feature can save the householder the added cost of using optimisers or microinverters. The latest and most advanced safety features are intelligently integrated and packed into this compact albeit powerful model.

The GE Inverter comes with sophisticated software that enables the owner to see real-time solar power production via a web portal and phone app.


A multiple award-winner, SMA manufactures one of the world’s most trusted, reliable and efficient brands of solar inverter. SMA is one of the most recognised names in the renewable energy sector and its products are very popular in Australian home and commercial solar power installations. German made SMA solar inverters are the perfect string inverter solution. SMA are generally regarded as the industry leader for both grid connected and off-grid inverters.

Australis Solar is a Trusted SMA PowerUp Partner which gives you extended inverter warranty – 10 years and 24/7 Smart Connected monitoring service.

Another features include:

  • Wifi capability with App monitoring for remote system solar monitoring,
  • SMA Shadefix to prevent shading issue
  • Battery compatible – Future proof


Enphase Micro inverters offer the newest advancement is solar inverter technology. Enphase is the largest American Micro inverter supplier world wide and has a great reputation for reliability and easy to use monitoring software.

Micro inverters are a great alternative to the common ‘string’ solar inverter.

The advantage of multiple “micro” inverters installed under each solar module is increased energy harvest and the minimisation of energy loss due to shading or dust on the solar panels.

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What’s the difference between Inverters?

A simple guide to Inverter technology best suited for your needs

String Inverter

Grid connect string inverters are the tried and tested inverters that use multiple solar panels connected in series in whats known as ‘strings’. This panel arrangement has a high DC voltage, typically 300 to 600Volts, brought down to a single string inverter. These systems are very efficient with a unshaded north-facing aspect.

Micro Inverter

Grid connect microinverters are a new inverter technology that uses multiple small or “micro” inverters under each solar panel. This arrangement has a low DC voltage, typically 30 to 45Volts, and is converted directly to 240volt AC at the panel level. These systems are very efficient when unavoidable shading is an issue and allow for more variation in regard to the panel facing different directions.

Bidirectional inverter/charger (off grid)

Inverter charger inverters work as a battery charger, converting AC power or high voltage DC from the solar panels down to a lower battery voltage for battery charging. They then work in the opposite direction, converting the lower battery voltage up to usable 240V AC when there is a lack of solar power available.

Hybrid Energy storage systems

Hybrid energy storage systems typically combine a string inverter, inverter /charger and all control gear in one space saving device. This new technology has a bright future for residential energy supply, allowing a supply of solar power during the day and night time.

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