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Solar Product and Workmanship Warranty

Your investment is well protected.

5 Year workmanship Warranty

We work exclusively with quality solar products, and have our own in-house team of professional installers, which gives us total confidence in our projects.

That’s why we offer up to a industry-leading 5-year workmanship warranty.

Servicing your system regularly, as recommended by the AS/NZS standards, our workmanship warranty covers your whole installation up to 5 years. Depending on the make and model you choose, our Solar Components – such as Panels and Inverters – have a product warranty up to 25 years. They also have a performance warranty of up to 30 years linear, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Solar Product and Performance Warranties

Manufacturer Product warranty Performance warranty
LG 25 Years (Labour included) 25 Years Linear
REC 25 Years 25 Years Linear
Longi 12 Years 25 Years Linear
Trina Solar 15 Years (Labour included) 25 Years Linear

Australis Solar is now an SMA Australia PowerUP Dealer.

Our customers will benefit further when purchasing industry leading SMA power systems.

Our SMA offering is now including 10-year inverter warranties and free system monitoring with SMA Smart Connect feature

We offer a broad range of residential, commercial and off-grid SMA systems – give us a call on 08 6555 2999 to discuss your project requirements.

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