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Solar Products for harnessing Solar Energy

We use and recommend only the highest quality Solar Products from leading and reliable brands that are suited to Perth’s climate

Solar products harness the abundant energy of the sun to provide clean, renewable power.

They range from small-scale items like calculators and watches powered by photovoltaic (PV) cells to large PV panel arrays capable of powering entire households. Solar energy is not only a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels but also a cost-effective solution in the long run. With advancements in technology, solar panels have become more efficient and affordable, making them a viable option for reducing electricity bills and carbon footprints. Solar inverters have become more intelligent, allowing dynamic charging and integration with smart home appliances. Solar battery storage has greatly developed and having true energy independence has become more obtainable. The versatility of solar products means they can be implemented in various settings, from urban rooftops to remote locations, ensuring that the benefits of solar energy are accessible to a wide range of users.


Select from our quality range of PV Solar Panels, our solar products produce from 300W up to 500W. Top brands include Trina Solar, REC Solar, AIKO and Jinko Solar.


Select from our quality range of Solar Energy Inverters. We offer both Grid Connect String and Micro inverter technology. We only use reliable and reputable inverters so you know you’re getting a good deal. Top brands include Fronius, GE, Sigenergy, GoodWe and Enphase.


Select from our quality range of hybrid grid connect battery storage solution technologies. With an energy consumption analysis we can assess if batteries are economically viable for you. Top brands include Tesla Powerwall and BYD.

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Our Quality Solar Brands

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