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Solar Batteries & Energy Storage

We have a large range of Solar Batteries and Energy Storage using different technologies for various applications.

Senec Integrated Hybrid Inverter and Battery

SENEC Battery System Increase your power self-sufficiency to 80% or more with the intelligent charging, German technology.

The SENEC Home Li system is available in 4 different capacities to suit every application from a small apartment through to a full-sized family home or small business.

SENEC storage systems provide 12,000 – that’s double the capacity of its main competitor. They are AC coupled so they can fit with any existing solar panel.

Internet-connected, the system will also install its own software updates and let you track and control your energy usage via the SENEC smartphone app.

They are AC coupled so they can fit with any existing solar panel. Internet-connected, the system will also install its own software updates and let you track and control your energy usage via the SENEC smartphone app.

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LG-Chem Battery

The LG-Chem Battery is a super compact, light weight energy storage battery that is perfectly suited to the residential market.

At approximately the size of a solar energy inverter the RESU 6.4 EX unit has a super high energy density that can easily fit in most garages. The lithium ion technology has an expected life of 10 years or 6000 cycles and can be expanded up to 12.8kWh storage with the addition of the 3.2kW expansion packs.

BYD Lithium Ion Battery pack

B-Box is designed with LiFePO4 chemistry battery which has been widely recognized as one of the safest battery technologies. LiFePO4 chemistry features stable structures and its thermal runaway temperature is over 480°C. That’s 100% higher than NCM and NCA chemistry. It is designed for residential and commercial applications with absolute safety.

Sonnenschein Gel VRLA Battery

Sonnenschein A600 Solar is a premium range of gel type lead acid batteries. Specially developed for heavy cycling applications are required.

Sonnenschein offer extraordinary energy saving features in addition to robust reliability, proven for decades in many installations worldwide. The dryfit Gel technology requires no venting and therefore is very low maintenance. This range by Sonnenschein has exceptional cycling performance with over 3000+cycles at a 60% discharge. The battery range is also completely recyclable and has a low CO2 footprint.

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What’s the difference?

Here’s a quick overview of the three main battery technologies…

Gel VRLA Batteries

Sonnenschein Solar Batteries feature exceptional cycling performance. Gel VRLA or (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are an improved version of the old Lead acid technology. Sonnenschein battery incorperate a special gel that prevents venting of flammable gases and the need to top up water levels in a conventional lead acid battery. And thus reduces maintenance over the life cycle of the batteries.

They are available in following sizes: Sonnenschein A600 Solar Gel Battery (C120) 2V 1695AH alternatively 848 AH.

Strong tubular plate technology guarantees longer life even in very tough conditions. Sonnenschein batteries work with leak-proof dryfit gel technology, which makes horizontal mounting possible making it easier to install and maintain. These batteries are made in Germany.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion energy storage batteries are used in combination with solar power, wind power, and other natural energy sources. It helps leveling loads of consumption by stabilizing the fluctuating natural energy sources. Lithium-Ion if fast becoming the best choice for all new energy storage projects due to the small light weight and highest energy density of all batteries options. The usable life of some Lithium-Ion batteries is forecast up to 20 years, this is in comparison of only 5-10 years for a conventional lead acid battery system

Li-ion batteries have an higher efficiency compared to the typical lead or NiCd rechargeable batteries, which are historically generally used in most storage systems.

Lithium-Ion batteries typically have a product warranty of 10 years, rapid charging and deep charge discharge cycles performance and superb scalability.

Integrated Hybrid Inverters

These storage solutions by SENEC and others such as TESLA offer you a great possibility to use upto 100% of your sun-generated power in one compact unit. It combines both a hybrid bidirectional inverter and a Lithium-Ion battery pack.

The highest amount of solar power is generated during the daytime. These systems make it possible to store the generated power instead of feeding it back into the grid. So the power needed during the night can be provided from the batteries instead of buying it from the grid. Obviously it depends on your consumption exceeds during the night-time. Furthermore energy storage systems can help leveling fluctuating energy inputs, which could be caused by shading or bad weather.

Even in the case of a blackout, some critical circuits continues to provide your house with the stored power. The SENEC System has a up to 10.5kWh storing capacity  and is highly suitable for grid connected self-sufficient usage.

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