Save money on your electricity bills by investing in solar energy

Save money on electricity bills!


save-money-on-electricity-bills-regular-cleaning-and-maintance-solar-pv-panelsSave money and go Green!


We have all had bills that have left our eyes watering and our wallets lighter than we had accounted for. We all want to save money. Big bills usually leave us worrying about having the air conditioning on for too long or making sure we turn the lights off before we leave the house. Living in Perth and enduring our hot summers means that we cannot ignore our need for cooler houses because of the cost of living and rising electricity prices.

Some people put up with expensive bills and save money elsewhere. Other people invest in solar power systems and save money passively by letting the Sun work for them.



Installing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels is so easy when you leave it to a professional solar panel installer. Click here to find out more about Solar Panels and the different types available including which top rated solar brands have been carefully picked by Australis Solar. Getting a PV system means that you can generate your own electricity and, in some cases, sell it back to the grid and get paid via the feed-in tariff by Synergy. By producing your own electricity, depending on time of day and time of the year, you can become self-sufficient and reduce your bills to a minimum.

Many businesses and household pricing plans include a peak demand charge tariff by Synergy. This tariff means the electricity bill includes a charge based on a higher-than-average consumption period of power drawn from the grid at a given time. If your PV system generates electricity during this peak demand period, it will reduce the peak demand charge. This means that you can offset more of your electricity usage if you can push heavier loads of energy consumption into the daytime when you are producing most.




Installing a hybrid inverter with a battery storage system is a reliable way to store excess electricity produced by a PV system.  Any energy that is not consumed by the property can be used to charge the battery which can be used a later period. This would in turn, mean that you would be less reliant on the grid when your PV system is not producing solar energy. Not relying on the grid means that you would save money on electricity bill. Unfortunately, batteries might not always be the cheapest option. Australis Solar will work through every individual case and help you make informed decisions whether they are economically viable and save money. Click here to find out more about batteries and other energy storage solutions.



Whether you are a residential or commercial property, reducing your electricity bills is an obtainable goal no matter what system size you decide upon. Australis Solar will calculate and perform an energy savings analysis to determine what system size will suit your personal needs. We provide a free quotation, 3D modelling, bespoke system designs and energy output predictions which allows us to predict the payback period of each system we install. No two solar installations are the same, but they all have the same goal – to save money on electricity bills.

We offer comprehensive solar energy advice for Perth and are proud to give customised energy solutions which will save you money. Reliable and maintaining a high quality of service by certified professionals allows us to be a trusted solar company with a proven track record.

Our competitive pricing is permitted through our strong partnerships formed from years of working with brands. By investing in a professionally installed solar PV system by Australis Solar, you can be assured that you will have ongoing support from a company that has been established since 2008 and intends to be much longer. We strive to be the best solar company, starting locally in Perth, West Australia.

To find out more about how solar pays for itself and saves money by reducing bills click here to go to the government’s energy website.

Watch Synergy’s short video to help you understand their solar bills