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1803, 2024

Renewable energy reaches 40% of Australia’s energy supply!

In the sun-drenched landscapes of Perth, Australis Solar strives for sustainability and innovation, focusing on the transition towards renewable energy with its cutting-edge solar power solutions. As a premier solar company based in Western Australia, [...]

1902, 2015

WA wave energy project turned on to power naval base

The world's first wave-energy farm connected to the electricity grid has been switched on in Western Australia. The project by Perth-based Carnegie Wave Energy will provide renewable electricity for Australia's largest naval base, HMAS Stirling, [...]

1901, 2015

Old switchboards – potentially dangerous?

Despite their charming atmosphere old houses can bear risks.
Old electrical installations break down over time and need to be inspected and tested regularly. Cable insulation can fail over time due to heat, exposure to sun, [...]

1709, 2014

Printable solar panels, one step closer to market

Australian solar power scientists are one step closer to making available a cheaper and faster way to print solar cells onto plastic. CSIRO's senior research scientist Dr Fiona Scholes said the technology was almost at [...]

406, 2014

Technology, not regulation, will kill coal fired power

British banking giant Barclays downgraded the entire electricity-generating sector of the US high-grade corporate bond market because of the challenges posed by renewables and the fact that the market isn't pricing in those challenges. The [...]