Old switchboards – potentially dangerous?

switchboard upgrades

Despite their charming atmosphere old houses can bear risks.
Old electrical installations break down over time and need to be inspected and tested regularly. Cable insulation can fail over time due to heat, exposure to sun, age or vermin eating the insulation.

To make sure your home remains a safe place we recommend to check your electrical installation and especially to have a closer look at your switchboard.

Don’t risk your life! 
Most of the old switchboards don’t have RCD safety switches.
 RCDs (Residual current device) disconnect an electric circuit as soon as it detects 
an imbalance between the energized conductor and the return neutral conductor. 
RCCBs are designed to disconnect quickly and prevent fatal shocks.

Avoid electrical damages.
 Many houses in WA still have old switchboards.
 These could be a risk for your home and all your electrical devices.
Malfunction can cause short circuits and electrical fires.
In case of electrical damages, insurances may not cover the damage,
 if your installation was not in accordance to the current AS/NSZ electrical standards.

Toxic Asbestos 
Houses and buildings built until the mid 1980’s may have switchboards 
which contain asbestos. This toxic mineral was used in a wide range of building 
products because of its resistance to fire and water. Asbestos
is considered a serious health hazard responsible for various types of cancer.
 2003 it was banned in Australia by law. Make sure your home is asbestos free.

So if you want to make sure everything is alright with your electrical installation 
send us a request for a house-health check.