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Solar Hot Water Systems for Perth Homes

Save 20 to 30% off your power bills with new, efficient technologies – and reduce your carbon emissions!

Solar Hot Water Systems have come a long way. Discover the latest solar hot water technology including Solar Evacuated Tubes and Heat Pumps.

Evacuated tubes and heat pumps are a relatively new solar hot water technology and offer greater heating efficiencies and flexibility compared to the traditional roof-mounted tank thermosyphon systems.

Storage tank types include stainless steel and vitreous enamel.

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Key Benefits for your Home

  • Solar Hot water can save 20 to 30% off power bills
  • Solar Hot water Rebates available
  • Increases your homes value
  • Reduce your C02 emmissions

  • Thermal storage tanks are cheaper than batteries

New technologies in Solar Hot Water Systems

More powerful, efficient and economical than ever before. We’ll help you choose a package that’s just right for you.

Close Coupled

Close coupled hot water systems such as the Rinnai are the industry standard solar hot water system. The flat panel collectors uses the sunlight to heat the water in the tank using a thermosyphon-effect to make the water circle through the system.

Evacuated Tube

Evacuated tube systems by Apricus and Rinnai are very efficient and the latest in solar heating technology. The tubes are installed on the roof, the tanks can be installed on the ground.

Hot Water Heat Pump

In case there is no place on the roof, Stiebel Eltron offers a new technology.

A Heat Pump extracts heat from the air (similar technology to a reverse cycle air conditioner) to heat your water super efficiently.

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Solar Hot Water System Replacements

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Solar Energy System form home and business

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