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Solar Hot Water Perth

We offer a select range of technologically advanced Solar Hot Water Systems for a variety of applications.

Rinnai Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System

Rinnai has over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing hot water systems. Rinnai’s new evacuated tube technology offers high efficiency tubes to absorb the maximum available solar energy.

An evacuated tube solar hotwater system is a split system where the storage tank is ground mounted and the solar collector tubes are installed separately on the roof.

The system offers excelent frost protection able to withstand temperatures as low as -12 degrees.

The tanks are available in both VE (vitreous enamel) and stainless steel options.

Apricus – Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes System

The Apricus evacuated tube system is the most efficient solar hot water collector available on the market. The technology works with a vacuum between two layers of glass tubing, similar to a coffee thermos. This insulates the system from the outside air temperature allowing much more efficient water heating even with the air temperature being cold. Infact this system can still produce heat in -20 degree outside temperatures. For most family homes a 30 tube system on the roof coupled with a 315ltr tank on the ground is the best water heating option.

Heat pump Solar theremal energy storage german made

Stiebel Eltron – Solar Hot Water Heat Pump

Stiebel Eltron has been developing innovative solar hot water solutions for over 85 years. Stiebel Eltron products are made in Germany and naturally built to the highest standards.

Heat Pump technology is basically utilizing the same technology in reverse cycle air – conditioners but instead of heating air it heats the water contained in up to a 300 liter tank. The heat pump requires no panels on the roof and is therefore a good solution if roof access is limited.

the Stiebel Eltron WWK 300A Heat Pump was specifically designed for Australian conditions to provide reliable and energy efficient hot water.

Rinnai Close Coupled VE Tank

Rinni close coupled systems are the most familiar design in Australia, with a tank installed on the roof adjacent to the solar collectors. Due to the thermo-syphoning effect the system works without pumps or complicated value systems and moving parts. There is a built in TA valve(thermal arrestor valve) that reduces water loss in summer months.

Vitreous enamel tanks are a mild steel tank that has the inside coated with a ceramic product that is heated in a kiln to solidify into a glass like skin, called vitreous enamel. This protects the mild steel from corrosion. A sacrificial anode is used to protect the mild steel from any corrosion that may occur in small areas where mild steel is in contact with water.

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Solar Hot Water explained

Here’s a simple guide on how each of the systems differ…

Close Coupled Systems

Rinnai Close Coupled Hot Water Systems are designed to be installed directly on your roof without the need for auxiliary pumps. The system works with a high-efficiency flat panel collector which uses sunlight to heat the water running through copper pipes inside. Once the water inside the flat panel collector reaches a high temperature, it flows through the thermo-syphon effect, up to the close-coupled tank, then new cold water cycles into the collector to be heated.

The tanks are available in vitreous enamel. The tank can be delivered in Dune or Platinum colored skins to match your roof.

The Rinnai system features a thermal arrestor valve which switches the heating process off when warm water is not used or solar availability is very high. This valve reduces stress on the tank and prevents the safety valve from dumping excess hot water. In times of low solar availability or when hot water consumption has exceeded, a gas or electric booster can be used to heat the water in the tank up to the defined heating temperature.

Evacuated Tubes – Split Systems

Hot water systems with evacuated tubes are split systems consisting of a unit of evacuated tube-collectors, designed to be installed on the roof, and a water storage tank which is normally installed on the ground.

The tubes are made of borosilicate glass with an inner tube providing a vacuum, which retains the heat generated by the sun. Inside the evacuated glass tube there is a vapour filled heat pipe, where the heated vapour rises and falls as condensed form after transferring the heat to the cold water.

Evacuated tubes systems feature high resistance and efficiency. The tubes can capture the sun from every angle and can generate hot temperature from morning until afternoon, even on very cold days.

The Apricus tanks are manufactured in Australia and are available in stainless steel or vitreous enamel lined steel.

Water Heat Pump

Heat pumps heat water by using ambient thermal energy in the atmosphere and transferring it into a storage tank.

The Stiebel Eltron Heat Pump works like a reverse-cycle air-conditioner, capturing the air from outside. Instead of cooling it, the pump generates heat on the inside and cools on the outside. The process of  compression of a refrigerant, followed by evaporation, transfers the ambient outside thermal energy into the tank, which is then transferred to the cold water inlet.

The only electrical power  needed is for running the compressor and the fan of the heat pump. This is a very small amount of energy compared to the amount of electricity needed to heat the water through conventional methods.

A heat pump has three to four times the efficiency of a standard electric storage hot water system.

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