Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance – The essentials

If the system was designed and installed by Australis Solar, we can guarantee that it will be working beautifully and producing solar energy.

Without regular cleaning and maintenance, after some time, your optimum performance may drop slightly and you slow down your solar production.

Cleaning and maintenance is for all things worthwhile. Aftercare is essential to keep things working at their best, your solar panels are an investment and is no different. Whilst solar panels are relatively low maintenance compared to other energy systems, they still require periodic cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and debris that can accumulate over time. Western Australia experiences vast ranges of climate, so whether you’re in the Metropolitan Perth or the outback, every system needs to be cleaned.

Australis Solar uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, has a professional team and is always happy to help you with your solar energy journey. Whether it is designing, quoting, installing or after-care, we do it all. From PV only systems to bespoke battery storage solutions, Australis Solar has been serving Perth since 2008.

At Australis Solar, we recommend establishing a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule based on your local climate. This might mean scheduling a professional cleaning at least once or twice a year. This regular schedule helps ensure that your panels operate at peak performance throughout the year, especially during peak sunlight seasons.




Regular Cleaning and Maintenance. Clean PV panels

Solar panels after a clean


Springtime often brings rain showers that can naturally rinse away some surface dirt from your panels. However, pollen and other airborne particles may also be prevalent during this season, necessitating a cleaning to maintain optimal efficiency.


Summer months typically mean longer days and more intense sunlight, making it crucial to keep your panels clean for maximum energy production. Dust and debris can accumulate quickly during dry spells, so consider scheduling a cleaning before the peak of summer heat sets in.


As leaves begin to fall, they can create shading on your panels and trap moisture, leading to potential efficiency losses. A thorough cleaning before the onset of autumn can prevent these issues and ensure your panels are ready to capture as much sunlight as possible.


Whilst Perth never experiences snow, winter storms can deposit dirt and debris on your panels, necessitating occasional cleanings even during the colder months.

It is entirely up to you when you deem it is necessary to clean your panels but creating a regular schedule and booking it in with a professional company will put your mind at ease and one less thing to worry about.


Regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional means that you know your panels will be working to the best of its ability. Australis Solar uses soft brushes so that the glass is not scratched. We combine this with non-hazardous detergent chemicals so that they get a good deep clean. Finally, the panels are rinsed off with de-ionised water ensuring a streak free finish. By cleaning this way, we can make sure that the system can operate at peak performance.

Whilst our professional team is up there cleaning, we can carry out system checks to ensure that no damage or wear and tear has occurred to the panels or cabling. We also perform system inspections which can source any issues occurring with your system; making sure that it is optimised. If we do discover any faults or issues, it allows us to inform you of any repairs needed to ensure longevity of your system.


regular cleaning and maintance of solar pv panels

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