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Solar Test Facility

Micro Vs String Inverter: which is best?

We decided to test the leading inverter technologies – String and Micro – in real world conditions to find out which one is really the best. Both solar systems are installed side by side, at our solar test facility on our solar warehouse, located in Perth, Western Australia, and are facing due north in an unshaded position.

Enphase Micro-inverter

Micro Inverters

We have selected 11x 225W Enphase Micro inverters totaling 2.475kW peak output. Enphase is the U.S.A’s number one selling inverter manufacture. The micro inverters have been matched with Trina Solar 11x 250watt Honey solar modules.

SMA 5000tl Solar Energy Inverter

String Inverters

We have selected a SMA 2500TL String inverter with 2.5kW peak output. SMA is Germany’s number one selling inverter manufacture worldwide.  The SMA String inverter has been matched with 11x 250W Trina solar Honey modules.