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With 25+ years of combined experience in solar panels, Perth, our skilled team of electricians, solar energy designers & installers offer the latest in solar PV panels, inverters & solar hot water. Plus, we perform all the work, so when it comes to repairs & maintenance, we know what to do – and we’re always here to help!

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Solar Energy

Consultation for Home & Commercial Solar projects. Custom design & installation of quality photovoltaic systems (pv solar) for both grid connected & off-grid applications.

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Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water system mounted on white roof

Solar Hot Water

The latest solar thermal technology, including heat pumps, evacuated tube & close coupled systems. Brilliant solutions for all your solar hot water requirements.

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Solar panel cleaning

Solar Service & Repairs

Electrical safety & maintenance are crucial to ensure a long and safe operation of your investment for years to come. Our qualified technicians are on call 24/7.

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Get Started With Solar!

Solar Quotes are easy. Get the right solar advice from our qualified Clean Energy Council certified designers.

Why Australis Solar?

We’ve built our trust with thousands of West Australians through our honesty, expert advice, custom service – and ongoing support!

Consultative approach

We communicate with you clearly & honestly so that you can make an educated decision.

Industry Best Practice

Clean Energy Council approved installers, were the industry-leading experts in solar projects.

Oustanding Warranties

30 Year performance warranty, 25 year product and 5 year installation warranties available.

Real Value Solar

Feel confident with a smart, quality solar energy investment at a really competitive price.

Ongoing Support

We’re with you for life! We’ll help  with servicing & repairs whenever you need it.

 Australis Solar is a customer oriented team of Clean Energy Council accredited electricians, solar energy designers and installers! We supply quality custom designed solar energy solutions tailored to your consumption needs and use quality solar products to achieve the highest possible efficiency for your solar energy system.

This is our secret for a growing customer orientated business, located in Perth with projects all over Western Australia. Our residential and commercial customers in WA can be found all around Perth, Mandurah, BunburyBusselton, Margaret River and Albany. Have a look at our Solar Installation map. If you’ve been searching for ‘Solar Panels Perth’ or thinking about solar energy and genuine installers: Get in touch with us!

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I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you. All the staff I have had contact with have been very polite and helpful, from my first inquiry through to installation. The installation team were on time, worked well together and were just a really nice group of lads. I would recommend your company with no hesitation.
S. Johnson
We are so very happy we settled on Australis. Any one who is looking at installing a solar system we would highly and definitely recommend AUSTRALIS. They are very professional, courteous, skillful and communicative from the office staff down to the installers. They took time to explain the operation of the system in detail – so that we could understand!
S. and B. Tait
Bought a system from Australis Solar in July, was a great experience. All people I dealt with were lovely and the install was quick and tidy. Would recommend getting a quote from these guys if you are interested in solar.
B. Hender
I asked them for a quote and they were able to advice me on the best system for the amount of electricity we consume. Good honest advice. The team were very helpful and explained everything. What more can I say, great service, fantastic communication, competitive price, quality equipment and efficient installation, cannot ask for more.
N. Burling
Australis Solar were great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get solar power. Everything was so quick and easy and the staff were friendly. I had heard nightmare tales of outrageous quotes and long waiting times, but the price was right and I had the panels on my roof and working in less than 10 days from the very first call.
S. Rayner
I would like to say how impressed I have been by your whole process. First contact was with Brett. He was fantastic, very easy and knowledgeable. It was good to see tradesmen doing the job correctly. Alasdair and team have left roof in great condition. His wiring is neat, tidy and looks like a real professional job. Best thing we ever did.

A. Griffiths
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Solar Power Near You

Chances are there is an Australis Solar Power/energy installation near you. We cover the Perth Metro area and most WA regional areas too.

Learn About Solar Energy

Learn about Government solar rebates, the latest solar technology or the process from solar design to installation and monitoring.

Easy Step Process for Solar Energy

Here are a few easy tips to find the best suitable solar energy package for your home or business.

First of all we recommend having a closer look at your electricity consumption. Take a closer look at your electricity bills or send them to us to get a clear overview about how much power you want to cover with your new solar system.

The size of the solar system will be based on the amount of power needed and the average of peak sun hours estimated by the Clean Energy Council (C.E.C.) for the region of your installation.

Although there are countless different brands and models of solar panels and inverters we are always up to date with the newest and most efficient technologies.

As C.E.C. accredited electricians and installers we know which systems are reliable and guarantee best performance. Here you can find our top 3 solar energy packages, a selection of the best and most current solar products on the market.

Get also informed about your solar installer. You may not know us yet, but you can have a look at what customers say about Australis Solar. See also how many successful residential and commercial solar energy installations we have installed in the past and get a sense about who we are and what we do.

Australis Solar is your “one stop shop” for solar quotes and we offer a leading selection of solar energy products and services. We prepare detailed solar quotes based on a detailed roof inspection by using specialized satellite imagery. We also visit homes and take detailed measurements of your roof if necessary to provide you with a tailored solar energy system designed by our C.E.C accredited designers.

If you are not sure which system you would like to have installed you can receive up to 3 Free Solar Quotes. When you buy a solar energy system you can still benefit from current government’s rebates.

To be part of the (REBS) Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme and (RET) Renewable Energy Target we lodge all of the required paperwork for you, making the process simple. We also process applications to Western power for you and assist with Synergy or other electrical retailer requirements.

Once approved you will receive a new bidirectional electricity meter, which measures the amount of electricity your solar system feeds back into the grid when unused. We then carry out the solar system installation and supply a handover pack with warranty information and user manuals for the safe operation of your new solar power system.

The installations of your new solar system will be set on a date most convenient for you. It is preferable if customers are on site during the solar installation to discuss with our CEC solar installers the final location of the panels and solar inverters.

The inverter can be installed outside on the wall or in a garage. The solar panels will be mounted on quality aluminium and stainless steel brackets, which is will be fixed directly on your roof and complies with all Australian standards including consideration wind loads etc.

A pre-roof condition report is also carried out to identify and rectify any issues should they arise. Once the solar panels and PV-inverter are installed and connected, your PV-System is ready to go.

Our Clean Energy Council accredited installers will guide you through the system and explain to you in detail how to switch on or to shut down the system, how to monitor your solar energy production and consumption.

For any other enquiries our team of electricians and consultants will be at your disposal.

Government Solar Energy Rebates

In order to reduce the impact on the environment caused by CO2 emissions from conventional energy generation the Australian Government introduced a Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (RET) in 2001. The target is to achieve 20% of our energy production using renewable energy sources by the year of 2020. Align with the RET the government created renewable energy certificates, which are given to eligible renewable energy systems such as solar, wind or hydro. These certificates can be handled like stocks and has a varying value. When you buy a Solar System you will get a point of sale discount on the purchase of the system according to the value of the certificates of your system. The value of the RETs depends on the location of installation and also the size of the generation capacity
Depending on the size of your system the Renewable Energy Certificates RECs are divided into Small scale technology certificates (STC) and Large scale technology certificates (LTC). STC are for Systems up to 100kW; LTC are for Systems bigger than 100kW
REBS are Renewable Energy Buyback Schemes by the various Energy providers. It is basically an Electricity tariff for your self-generated solar power. There you can see how much money you get from your provider for exporting your power back to the grid. At the moment the value in WA is $0.07135/kWh. REBS are limited for residential customers in WA with a system of 5kW or smaller

If you are not sure which system you would like to have installed you can receive up to 3 Free Solar Quotes. When you buy a solar energy system you can still benefit from current government’s rebates.

To be part of the (REBS) Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme and (RET) Renewable Energy Target we lodge all of the required paperwork for you, making the process simple. We also process applications to Western power for you and assist with Synergy or other electrical retailer requirements.

Once approved you will receive a new bidirectional electricity meter, which measures the amount of electricity your solar system feeds back into the grid when unused. We then carry out the solar system installation and supply a handover pack with warranty information and user manuals for the safe operation of your new solar power system.

Feed in Tariffs (FIT) in most Australian states and territories has be closed or significantly reduced. In Western Australia FIT Schemes are no longer available since August 2010. There is however the REBs scheme still available in WA. Net- and Gross-Metering arrangements can make a difference to self-consumption of energy with the Net metering being more beneficial with a low FIT.
The Net metering makes it possible to use the self generated solar energy before feeding it to the grid. There is one bidirectional electricity meter installed at grid connection point. This means that if your solar system is generating power it will be fed into your household to serve loads such your air conditioning and appliances. Only excessive power will be fed in into the grid at the lower FIT rate. When self consuming your solar energy and production you are in effect saving or offsetting the current electricity rate, for example $0.26/kWh.
Installations, which have Gross metering arrangements have two separate meters connecting to the grid. The Photovoltaic System is not connected to the internal house circuit but to an export only meter. This registers the exact amount of produced and exported power. The other meter is connected as well to the grid and measures only the amount of power imported from the grid. In this case Gross Feed households can only sell their self-generated solar power and not feed it in directly to cover their own consumption. ACT and NSW have Gross Feed, other State governments and territories WA, Qld, VIC,SA & NT have Net Feed tariffs

Solar Power Technologies

Photovoltaic Panels can be distinguished in three main categories. Mono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline (sometime called Multi-crystalline) cells and Thin film modules. Thin film modules have a very low production cost, but their efficiency is very low. That means that a larger number of panels would be needed to cover the same energy output as generated with conventional silicon PV-Cells.
Mono-crystalline PV-Cells, such as Solar Panels by Sunpower, are made from thin slices of a single silicon ingot, Poly-crystalline has many small silicon crystals. Poly-crystalline Cells have very good temperature coefficients and are found in Trina Solar and Solarworld PV modules. You can recognise the difference by the speckled appearance for Poly-crystalline. When comparing these technologies, Monocrystalline PV-Cells, such as in Sunpower Solar Panels, have the highest output capacity per square meter. Poly-crystalline solar cell technology is quickly catching up to Mono-crystalline and in fact can out perform other technologies due to the increased performance in high temperatures. Poly-crystalline is well suited to Perth hot weather conditions.
Inverters transform the generated Photovoltaic Power DC (direct current) into AC (frequency alternative current). They can be classified as follows:
String Inverters, which could be subdivided in off-grid and on-grid. Solar Panels are connected together in a string to reach high DC voltages, then are connected to the one Inverter that is usually installed on a garage wall. If the System is grid connected then the converted 230 Volt power will be fed back into the grid or feed directly into customer loads and appliances.
Micro inverters: Every single solar panel is connected to its own micro inverter installed under the solar panels. The main advantage of micro inverters is higher output if solar panels are shaded. Also the malfunction of single solar panel would also not effect the operation of the rest of the solar system. Micro inverters are generally more expensive than string inverters, but are considered safer due to the low DC power output without the need for a string configuration. Micro inverters can also perform better when shading from trees etc may be unavoidable.
Inverters/Battery charger: These Bidirectional inverters are used as battery charger and can in many cases be connected to a diesel generator to provide alternative battery charging source. They invert DC into battery voltages and can also convert battery power into 230 Volt power for home consumption. Inverter/Battery chargers generally require a string inverter for the connection of solar panels to the system.
Integrated hybrid Inverters: This device includes four components in one. It has a string inverter, a battery charger, batteries and a monitoring device, which gives detailed information about production and consumption. This is all in one very compact device that can easily fit is domestic garages. This new technology may very well become a common item in most homes in the near future
Batteries for solar energy storage can be divided into two main categories. The older and cheaper Lead Acid technology and the new compact, light weight Lithium-Ion technology. Lithium-Ion batteries have many advantages over conventional batteries. The main advantage is the compact size and power to weight ratio. Lithium-ion requires one third of the space when compared to lead acid. Also the expected life of Lithium batteries is four fold, up to 20 year life-cycle in some cases.
Lithium-Ion batteries are included in Hybrid Inverters such as SMA Sunny Boy Smart, Samsung SDI and Bosch BPT-S-5 Hybrid
There are two main Solar Hot Water technologies. Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tubes. Flat Plate Collectors can be found in close coupled systems such as the Rinnai Equinox. The Flat Panel Collectors uses the sunlight to heat the water in the tank and uses the thermo-syphon effect to make the water circle through the system. Flat Plate collectors are available also as Split Systems, where the tank is placed vertically on the ground and uses an integrated pump to cycle the water from the tank to the collectors. Evacuated tube Systems by Apricus and Rinnai are a little bit more expensive than Flat Plate Collectors but their efficiency is much higher. Even on cold days the sunlight heats the evacuated tubes and achieves very high temperatures. The tubes are installed on the roof the tanks can be installed on the ground. In case that there is no place on the roof Stiebel Eltron offers a new technology. A Heat Pump extracts heat from the air (similar technology to a reverse cycle air conditioner).